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DEATHTOSHAME is a site dedicated to destigmatizing societal taboos. We promote compassion and empathy towards those living with addiction, mental illness, bullying, abuse, and low self-esteem. We seek to diminish criticism towards alternative lifestyles, and make this world a better place for us to live. We are dedicated to providing a network that is for the unification of ALL people. We support harm reduction, neurodiversity, sexual diversity, are pro-choice, pro-women's rights, and pro-keeping people alive. We encourage others in the state of Louisiana (and all over the universe) to add to our site. This is a community-built project that grows in its usefulness with your suggestions and contributions. Please submit suggestions, additions, and edits to our submission form.


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If you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction/relapsing, we recommend visiting the Reddit addiction forum for immediate support and guidance. Anyone with a reddit account can start a local thread for support and online-community building.


silence equals death poster
1987 THE SILENCE = DEATH PROJECT. Used by permission by ACT UP, The AIDS Coalition
To Unleash Power.